Investor FAQs

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When did BRP become a public company?
• BRP began trading publicly on October 24, 2019.
What exchange does BRP trade on and what is its ticker symbol?
• BRP’s shares trade on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol BRP.
Where is BRP headquartered?
• BRP is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.
What year was BRP founded?
• BRP was founded in 2011.
When is BRP’s fiscal year end?
• The company’s fiscal year ends on December 31.
When is your next quarterly earnings release date and conference call webcast?
• BRP will issue a press release announcing the earnings date and conference call information prior to the actual date. Please look for a link to the webcast in the “News and Events” section of the website.
How do I invest in BRP common stock?
• BRP common stock can be bought or sold through a stockbroker, bank or other financial institution that offers brokerage services.
Does BRP offer a direct stock purchase plan?
• BRP does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan. Common shares are available for purchase directly through any financial institution that offers brokerage services.
Who is BRP’s registrar and transfer agent?
How do I transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account, or replace a lost stock certificate?
• To make changes to a stock certificate please contact our transfer agent, AST Financial.
Who is BRP’s independent auditor?
• Our independent auditors are PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
Does BRP pay a dividend on its common stock?
• BRP does not currently pay a dividend on its common stock.
How do I get added to the distribution list for BRP’s press releases and e-mail alerts?
  • Investors may sign-up on BRP’s website to receive a variety of materials by e-mail, including press releases, SEC filings and notice of quarterly earnings calls here.
How do I obtain a copy of the annual report, proxy and other financial reports?
  • In an effort to protect the environment and reduce paper consumption, BRP provides electronic copies of all SEC filings on its website here.
How do I contact Investor Relations?
  • IR phone number: 813-259-8032
    IR e-mail address:
    You can also submit a query through our Contact Investor Relations page here.